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Data-Smart City Solutions
An initiative by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School
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Performance Measurement

From Research to Results: Measuring Trust in City Agencies

“Trust in government is at an all time low.” Does this line sound familiar? Throughout American political history, it has appeared in the...

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Civic Engagement

How Civic Tech Can Address Urban Inequality

For all of its best intentions, civic technology has long struggled with an inclusion problem. Data dashboards, web-based tools and mobile apps are ty...

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Data Visualization

Map Monday: Iowa Bridge Conditions

Promises to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure have become a trope in contemporary political life. And yet, it often seems like po...

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Public Safety

Can Better Data Make Zero Traffic Deaths a Reality?

How many traffic fatalities is too many? If you’re a Vision Zero city, the answer is one.   Started in Sweden in 1997 with the goal of eliminating f...

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Civic Data

Doing Away with Government Forms

Few would consider forms a particularly exciting area of opportunity for government innovation. And yet, here’s a solution that would probably spark t...

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