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Civic Data


Here on Data-Smart, we announced the Map of the Month contest, an initiative of the Innovations in Government Program at the Harvard Kennedy School’s...

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Data Visualization

How Government’s Data Can Be Truly Useable

In honor of the recent Open Data Day, here's what might seem a counterintuitive suggestion: Let's stop celebrating open data. Why? A little history:...

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What Works Cities

Incentivizing Excellence in Boston Through Results-Driven Contracting

Boston, Massachusetts has a robust open data, performance, and analytics program, so when the opportunity to engage with What Works Cities experts aro...

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Public Safety

Public Safety in Focus

Ensuring public safety for residents is one of the critical responsibilities of municipal governments. Cities have begun leveraging the capabilities o...

Public Safety

#DataSmart News: Public Safety

March 29, 2017: How Stockton Is Using Predictive Policing to Thwart Violent Gun Crimes Route Fifty wrote about the use of predictive policing to comb...


Send Us Your Best Maps and Data Visualizations!

The powers of data visualization and mapping for government are clear; they can transform mundane spreadsheets into lively graphics from which cities...

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