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Data-Smart City Solutions
An initiative by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School
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Funding Civic Technology

As civic technology matures, a key challenge is the field’s lack of leadership and structure in a diverse, multidisciplinary landscape. In Chicago,...

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Tools for Public Safety

For decades, criminal-justice officials, advised by the results of good research, used data to drive performance. As a district attorne...

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Civic Data


Florida’s Department of Children and Families is turning to predictive analytics in an effort to reduce the number of child fatalities caused by abu...

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Public Health

Twitter Data Grants and Public Health

What could you do with access to the complete – and massive – collection of every public tweet ever tweeted? Earlier this year, Twitter posed this q...

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The Potential of Internal Ideation

The emergence of social media and Web 2.0 has redefined how organizations introduce innovation. New technology has the potential to foster more open...

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Smarter Infrastructure Management

When I started writing about city services 15 years ago, infrastructure innovations included better pavement processes, design-build ap...

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