Data-Smart City Solutions


Data-Smart City Solutions
An initiative by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School
and powered by Bloomberg Philanthropies

Health & Human Services

New York City’s HHS-Connect

Due to its size, New York City necessarily serves a significant vulnerable population. There are eight agencies to support two million adults and ch...

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Health Data Isn’t Just for Hospitals

With wristbands that monitor heart rate and mobile apps that map jogging circuits, a growing number of Americans are using smartphones to measure th...

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Civic Data

Digital Transformations: Introduction

American cities are on the brink of the most significant change in local and state governance since the reforms that dismantled Tammany...

Urban Infrastructure

How Technology Can Stretch Infrastructure Dollars

The gap between what it would cost to properly maintain and upgrade America's infrastructure and what governments currently spend is vast. Technolog...

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Fire Hydrants and the Democratization of Infrastructure Maintenance


Low-Tech Solutions Meet Data Analytics in Philadelphia’s CSO Approach


Chicago: A Look Back at a Landmark Year