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Data-Smart City Solutions
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Public Safety

Boston Equips Firefighters with Hazard Data

When firefighters respond to an emergency call about a building, they have a very short window of time to assess the situation and plan a response. Al...

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Civic Engagement

Prioritizing Resident Engagement When Implementing the Internet of Things

This summer, the Smart Chicago Collaborative is working with the City of Chicago and the operators of the Array of Things urban sensing project to eng...

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Predictive Analytics

Municipal Analytics, the Startup Way

One of the great promises of open government this decade has been that it can serve as a catalyst for a new civic-centered “innovation ecosystem.” Thi...

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Civic Data


Stephen Goldsmith wrote that informed disagreement is a key ingredient for improvements in governmental efficiency. He shares different approaches to...

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City Administration

A Key Efficiency Ingredient: Dissent

Major improvements in governmental efficiency obviously will occur only when they are driven by the leader of a city, state or agency. Leaders who acc...

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Public Safety

#DataSmart News: Public Safety

May 27, 2016: Chicago's Predictive Analytics for Shootings Many private entities use data to try to predict outcomes and law enforcement agencies are...

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