Data-Smart City Solutions


Data-Smart City Solutions
An initiative by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School
and powered by Bloomberg Philanthropies

The Responsive City

The Core Features of the Data-Powered City

By 2050, more than 75 percent of the world's population will live in urban areas. But without substantive changes in governance, city halls will be...

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Civic Data

Wireless EMS in New York City

Ten years ago, an emergency medical services technician in New York City responding to your 911 call took down information about you—your name, a...


How to Save America’s Crumbling Bridges

The weather in Minneapolis on August 1, 2007, was hot, topping out at 92 degrees. It was the perfect day to visit a water park, which is wher...

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Disaster Management

A Competition to Make the City More Resilient

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York nearly two years ago, it left devastation in its wake. Homes and livelihoods were lost, and the storm caused $19 b...

Public Health

Austin Targets Youth Obesity With Neighborhood-Level Data

Children’s Optimal Health (COH) is an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit committed to improving all aspects of health for the city’s youth. The organizat...

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Regulatory Reform with Data and Technology

The progressives and muckrakers undoubtedly had it right at the turn of the twentieth century: corrupt government and unregulated busin...

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