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Taking Pittsburgh’s Open Data on the Road

Once a month in most of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods, a long-held civic tradition marches on: residents gather in church basements, park shelters, co...

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Five Ways Chatbots Could Transform Government Services

Talking computers no longer merely belong to a dystopian future, but rather are already transforming our daily lives—and now the practices of governme...

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Data-Driven Solutions in Harvard’s Innovations Award Top 25

The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, announced the Top 25 programs...

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What Works Cities

How Louisville Embedded Performance Management Into City Departments

The City of Louisville, Kentucky’s performance management system, LouieStat, sets the bar for city government performance improvement. Mayor Greg Fisc...

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Here on Data-Smart, we announced the Map of the Month contest, an initiative of the Innovations in Government Program at the Harvard Kennedy School’s...

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How Government’s Data Can Be Truly Useable

In honor of the recent Open Data Day, here's what might seem a counterintuitive suggestion: Let's stop celebrating open data. Why? A little history:...

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