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Making Chicago’s Beach Water Safer With Analytics

Ask someone about their last trip to a beach, and you’ll likely hear pleasant stories of relaxation and fun in the sun. Most of the time, those toes i...

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Data Visualization

Map Monday: Is the American Dream Still Affordable?

As gentrification has entered the cultural consciousness as a critical social justice problem, questions about affordable housing have bec...

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Civic Data


Here on Data-Smart, we published our own interactive map outlining the locations, responsibilities, and major initiatives of all city chief data offic...

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The Power of Data Visualization in Cities: Los Angeles’ GeoHub

A lot of the work that Chief Data Officers (CDOs) across cities do, while in the same spirit, has taken on many different forms. That’s one of the thi...

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Who Are America’s City Chief Data Officers?

As the use of data is growing in government, the need for data leadership is increasing in tandem. This data leadership takes very different forms in...

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What Open Data Says About Post-Harvey Mosquito Threats

Cities in southeastern Texas finally saw dry weather on Wednesday, after days of unprecedented rainfall from Hurricane Harvey. But while floodwaters s...

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