Open Data

A Starter Kit for Data-Smart Cities

This guide highlights resources to help answer questions that a new Chief Data Officer or other government data leader might have about the best way t...

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Open Data

Planning the Data-Driven City

A city’s data is one of its most valuable assets. Urban data is the bedrock of the performance management programs that allow cities to ensure continu...

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Here on Data-Smart, Robert Burack wrote about Pittsburgh’s efforts to procure smart lighting to replace all 40,000 city owned and operated streetlight...

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Data Visualization

Turning Dirty Streets Clean through Comprehensive Open Data Mapping

Los Angeles, California’s comprehensive Clean Streets LA (CSLA) initiative is effectively addressing street cleanliness using the power of data and ma...

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Open Data

Connecting Open Data to Residents’ Lives

United States cities face a critical challenge when it comes to fulfilling the potential of open data: that of moving beyond the mere provision of acc...

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