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Map of the Month: KC Digital Inclusion Map

The city of Kansas City, MO has an ambitious vision: to connect all of its nearly 500,000 residents to the Internet. In the city’s eyes, c...

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12/12 Human-Centered Approaches to Data + Digital Services Webinar

Human-Centered Approaches to Data + Digital Services: December 12, 12pm-1pm ET The framework of human-centered design — which starts with end users...

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Data Visualization

Map Monday: Mobileye and Esri Story Map

The practice of mapping traffic collisions to understand the most hazardous parts of the urban landscape has become a useful tool for citi...

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Data Visualization

Map Monday: Boston Green Links

Bikers in Boston are a hearty bunch. Navigating streets replete with potholes, less than friendly drivers, and unexpected one-ways is no e...

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Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the Civic Analytics Network hosted the Summit on Data-Smart Government. Bringing together experts on innovations in data-d...

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