Public Health

How U.S. Cities Can Target Zika Risk

City governments, especially along the U.S.’s Gulf Coast, have one more reason to worry about their vacant and abandoned housing stock: Zika.   Empt...

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The Power of Mayoral Control in Overhauling a School System

Some schools occasionally closed in the winter because the heating systems didn’t function, and they shuttered in the summer because air conditioners...

Social Services

The Promise of Data and Collaboration in Tackling Homelessness

Cities addressing homelessness face numerous challenges: counting and classifying populations; defining and pursuing actionable goals; harnessing reso...

Why Data Sharing Should Be Government’s Default

Government needs to adopt a share-first mentality for departmental data. Its easy exchange should be the default, not the arduous and exceptional resu...

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Data Science for Social Good is Making a Mark, Starting a Movement

We’re starting to learn more and more how data can change the way we live and improve the services that we rely on. Whether it’s predicting the next w...

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