Managing Marijuana: The Role of Data-Driven Regulation

When Colorado voters approved a ballot measure to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana in 2014, state officials knew they would have to quickly...

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Crime Prevention

How Can Cities be Preemptive and Effective in Preventing Overcrowding?

Every year, thousands of city dwellers arrive home to overcrowded and illegally subdivided houses. Kitchens, dining areas, sheds and even under-stairs...

When Minutes Matter

For emergency services to successfully save lives, core functions like 911 must be up to date. Changes in technology have created problems for provide...

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Crime Prevention

#DataSmart Resources: Public Safety

If you are a city official looking to improve public safety through better use of data and analysis, there are many resources available to help you ge...

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Leveraging Civic Data to Improve Public Health and Emergency Management

Data is an increasingly important tool to improve city services. Among a city’s most challenging responsibilities is to prepare for, prevent, and resp...

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