Mind the Data Gap

Managing London’s transport infrastructure is no easy task, but a successful city requires well-run transportation. Each day, residents take 24 millio...

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Six Ways Cities Can Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority

Cybersecurity isn’t a new priority for government, but investment in technologies and responsive policies that protect against attacks has lagged in r...

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New Orleans Brings Data-Driven Tools to Blight Remediation

Since New Orleans began its recovery after Hurricane Katrina, the city has been tackling its problem with blighted properties in a variety of ways. Re...

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Smart Grid & Utilities

Beneath the Smart City

It’s five minutes into your morning commute, and whether you’re driving, biking, or walking, you can see them in the distance: orange cones, cordoning...

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Internet of Things

Using Streetlights to Strengthen Cities

Across the world, streetlights illuminate highways, intersections, street corners, and all sorts of public spaces: alleyways, parks, sidewalks, and so...

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