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Open Data in Louisville: Apps, Hackathons and Building Relationships

In 2011, the Louisville Metro Government launched its Open Data Portal. There were two main reasons for the launch. One was the election of Mayor Greg...

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On Chicago’s Goose Island, City Digital Accelerates Smart City Innovation

Say “Goose Island,” and most people will think of craft beer. But on Chicago’s North Side, there indeed is an actual island—a small 1.5 mile stretch o...

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Becoming a Leading CDO: Lilian Coral, Los Angeles

When Mayor Eric Garcetti was elected in 2013, one of his major goals was to make Los Angeles a smart city. That very year, he signed a landmark execut...

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Alleviating Flooding in San Francisco With Civic Tech Volunteers

While San Francisco’s lush rolling hills define iconic destinations like Lombard Street and Nob Hill, they also make the city particularly prone to fl...

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Map of the Month: Redlining Louisville

Redlining, the denial of services or the refusal to grant loans or insurance to certain neighborhoods based on racial and socioeconomic di...

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