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Measuring Community Vitality Through the ‘Great Streets’ of Los Angeles

Neighborhood main streets, or corridors, are at the heart of daily urban life, connecting us to the local businesses, resources, and people that form...

Project on Municipal Innovation

What is City Power?

Wyatt Cmar This is Wyatt Cmar with the Project on Municipal Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center. I'm here with Richard Schragger, Pro...

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Civic Analytics Network

Becoming a Leading CDO: Tom Schenk Jr., Chicago

Tom Schenk Jr. knows that he could be making more money working with data and analytics in the private sector — he was once an investment banker and h...

Civic Data

Integrated Data Systems are Key to “Pay for Success” in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland)

Families who receive social services frequently need help from more than one public system. Typically, they struggle with an array of problems requiri...


How Government Can Nurture the Nudge

In implementing behaviorally informed interventions known as "nudges" to improve program outcomes, the city of Louisville has followed an important pr...

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