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Chris Bousquet

Data Visualization

From Research to Results: The Next Wave of Tools For Planning Resilient Cities

How do leaders create resilient cities— those that are able to adapt to changes and disturbances, whether they be natural disasters, econo...

Data Visualization

Where is Gentrification Happening in Your City?

Gentrification—demographic and physical changes in neighborhoods that bring in wealthier residents, greater investment, and more development—has becom...

Open Data

A Better Way to Release Your City’s Data

Open data has immense potential to catalyze creative problem solving by practitioners and policymakers, but troves of vaguely-labeled spreadsheets wil...

Civic Data

Five Ways Chatbots Could Transform Government Services

Talking computers no longer merely belong to a dystopian future, but rather are already transforming our daily lives—and now the practices of governme...

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About the Author

Chris Bousquet

Chris Bousquet is a Research Assistant/Writer for Data-Smart City Solutions. Before joining the Ash Center, Chris worked at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY and wrote for DC Inno in Washington, D.C., where he covered tech policy, cybersecurity, and startups. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College.