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Eric Bosco

Civic Analytics Network

Becoming a Leading CDO: Lilian Coral, Los Angeles

When Mayor Eric Garcetti was elected in 2013, one of his major goals was to make Los Angeles a smart city. That very year, he signed a landmark execut...

Map of the Month

Map of the Month: Redlining Louisville

Redlining, the denial of services or the refusal to grant loans or insurance to certain neighborhoods based on racial and socioeconomic di...

Civic Analytics Network

Becoming a Leading CDO: Tom Schenk Jr., Chicago

Tom Schenk Jr. knows that he could be making more money working with data and analytics in the private sector — he was once an investment banker and h...


Using Data Visualization to Understand Wealth Divides in America’s Largest Cities

The problem of unequal wealth distribution in American cities has never been greater than it is today. Nine out of ten metropolitan cities have experi...

Project on Municipal Innovation

The Power of Mayoral Control in Overhauling a School System

Some schools occasionally closed in the winter because the heating systems didn’t function, and they shuttered in the summer because air conditioners...

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Eric Bosco

Eric Bosco is a Research Assistant and Writer for the Ash Center’s Civic Analytics Network. Prior to joining the Ash Center, Eric worked as a journalist and research assistant with the Boston Globe Spotlight Team and as a staff writer at a regional newspaper in southern Massachusetts. As an undergraduate journalism student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, his investigative reporting for the Globe on the university’s controversial confidential informant program earned him appearances on national television and radio.