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Katherine Hillenbrand

Civic Data

Case Study | Boston’s Citywide Analytics Team

In Boston, when an ambulance arrives at an address in under six minutes, when a resident’s call to 311 is answered in less than 30 seconds, or when a...

What Works Cities

Kick-Starting Data-Driven Government

As the civic data field matures, more cities are discovering the value of data to improve government and asking how they can more fully join the movem...

What Works Cities

New Orleans Brings Data-Driven Tools to Blight Remediation

Since New Orleans began its recovery after Hurricane Katrina, the city has been tackling its problem with blighted properties in a variety of ways. Re...

Public Safety

Boston Equips Firefighters with Hazard Data

When firefighters respond to an emergency call about a building, they have a very short window of time to assess the situation and plan a response. Al...

Public Safety

Predicting Fire Risk: From New Orleans to a Nationwide Tool

When a fire broke out in a New Orleans home in October 2015, safety procedures worked exactly as they should – smoke alarms sounded, the occupants wer...

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Katherine Hillenbrand

Katherine Hillenbrand is the Project Manager for Data-Smart City Solutions. She has been working on the project since 2012 in different roles at Harvard Kennedy School. She holds a degree from Amherst College.