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Laura Adler

Civic Data

Getting Insight Into Inequality: How Cities are Investing in Social Equity Indicators

Introduction Inequality has become one of the most pressing issues in American society. The vast and growing gaps between elites and the working or m...

Civic Data

Planning the Data-Driven City

A city’s data is one of its most valuable assets. Urban data is the bedrock of the performance management programs that allow cities to ensure continu...

Civic Engagement

Embracing Technology and Changing the Culture at the NYPD

In 2015, crime in New York City fell once again, reaching its lowest level in recent decades. New Yorkers are now safer in the city than they have bee...

Civic Data

SimCities: Designing Smart Cities through Data-Driven Simulation

In cities across the world, governments use data—about infrastructure, health and safety, or citizen satisfaction—to improve services. But data also h...

Internet of Things

Road-Testing the Internet of Things in Kansas City

Since becoming the site of first Google Fiber installation in 2011, Kansas City, MO, has been in the spotlight when it comes to urban innovation. With...

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About the Author

Laura Adler

Laura Adler is a PhD student in Sociology at Harvard. She received a Bachelors from Yale University and a Masters in City Planning from the University of California, Berkeley. Laura's research interests include urban planning and social policy in the US and abroad, with recent academic work focused on the relationship between urban governance and technology. Prior to beginning graduate study at Harvard, Laura worked for the City of New York's Department of Information Technology, where she focused on long-term technology strategy in support of the city's operations and expanding broadband access for New York City residents.