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Nick Carney

Civic Data

Big Data Without the Fear of Big Brother

Edward Snowden’s leaks of classified documents continue to reverberate through federal policy and politics, and have been the subject of countless c...

Public Health

Twitter May One Day Save Your Life

Much of the attention lavished on Twitter lately has revolved around the site’s initial public offering and diagnosing what the event tells us about...

Big Data

Big Data and Society

The resiliency and adaptability of the human spirit is a favorite topic of philosophers, psychologists, and artists alike, but is on display perhaps...


Bringing Markets to Meters

Finding a parking space is not a process that most people associate with pizzazz or innovation. Many things have evolved about the way that people d...

Civic Data

Data-Smart Cities and the Sharing Economy

Much digital ink has been spilled about the rise of the “sharing economy.” One of the most recent articles can be found here from Boston Magazine’s...

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About the Author

Nick Carney

Nick Carney is a Masters in Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a Public Service Fellow. He is concentrating in Social and Urban Policy and has previously worked in clean energy policy and mixed-use, urban real estate development. Nick is particularly fascinated by transportation, land-use, and education policy, and with his sister runs a literacy nonprofit called Breaking the Chain.