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Stephen Goldsmith

Social Media

Social Media’s Place in Data-Smart Governance

Cities can produce great value from social media, but only if they start talking a little bit less about themselves and start listening more to their...

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Project on Municipal Innovation

The Power of Vision in Urban Governance

Mayors make their way into office by inspiring the public to believe that a brighter future is in store. Every mayor wants to be a "visionary leader,"...

Mayors Challenge

Engaging Entrepreneurs to Solve Urban Problems

Too often, innovative ideas in the public sector never see the light of day due to regulations and oversight designed for a different era. While procu...


How D.C. Grew a Data-Driven Tree Strategy

One of the biggest benefits of data is its versatility. Washington, D.C.’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) turned to tech to answer a simple quest...

Civic Data

Overcoming the Data Gap

Last week, Bloomberg Philanthropies released a brief on “The City Hall Data Gap,” which analyzed the applications to the What Works Cities program and...

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About the Project Director

Stephen Goldsmith

Stephen Goldsmith is the Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and the Director of the Innovations in Government Program at the Harvard Kennedy School. His latest book is The Responsive City.