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Stephen Goldsmith

Public Safety

Fairness is Fiscally Responsible

Few opportunities produce such dramatic better faster cheaper savings for cities and their counties than those that surround pretrial detention. We’re...

Internet of Things

Q&A: Chicago CIO Shares Insights on IoT in Cities

As the Internet of Things connected sensor networks become more prolific and technically advanced, so do the potential uses and issues in cities. Some...

Internet of Things

5 Key Themes to Consider When Implementing Internet of Things Initiatives

Steadily cities are deploying sensors — in streetlights, in water and waste systems, and to measure air quality and manage mobility. These very real b...

What Works Cities

Infusing Government with a Data-Driven Culture

There are many different ways city leaders can utilize or even define the purpose of data. One could think about performance data as it relates to act...

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Social Media

Social Media’s Place in Data-Smart Governance

Cities can produce great value from social media, but only if they start talking a little bit less about themselves and start listening more to their...

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Stephen Goldsmith

Stephen Goldsmith is the Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and the Director of the Innovations in Government Program at the Harvard Kennedy School. His latest book is The Responsive City.