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Stephen Goldsmith

Civic Engagement

6 Traits of Productive Hackathons

When people think of hackathons, they likely imagine a dimly lit room full of young coders armed with energy drinks and high-powered laptops frantical...

What Works Cities

Data-Savvy Budget Cuts to Save Jobs in Jackson

Last year, Jackson, Mississippi faced a challenge familiar to many cities: a need to make significant budget cuts while trying to preserve jobs and ma...

Civic Data

Three Tips for Designing Municipal Tools with Employees in Mind

A number of years ago, a Midwestern state rolled out a comprehensive procurement system that allowed state employees to identify purchases based on 1,...


How Government Can Nurture the Nudge

In implementing behaviorally informed interventions known as "nudges" to improve program outcomes, the city of Louisville has followed an important pr...

What Works Cities

The District of Columbia’s Scientific Approach to Policy

In the past year, Washington, D.C. has dramatically increased its efforts to use low-cost evaluations in policymaking. Boosted by commitments to data-...

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About the Project Director

Stephen Goldsmith

Stephen Goldsmith is the Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and the Director of the Innovations in Government Program at the Harvard Kennedy School. His latest book is The Responsive City.