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Getting Your Open Data Questions Answered

NEXUS: A New Approach to Policymaking in Somerville

What Government Can Do to Attract Top IT Talent

What is City Power?

Wyatt Cmar This is Wyatt Cmar with the Project on Municipal Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center. I'm here with Richard Schragger, Pro...

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The Power of Mayoral Control in Overhauling a School System

Some schools occasionally closed in the winter because the heating systems didn’t function, and they shuttered in the summer because air conditioners...

The Promise of Data and Collaboration in Tackling Homelessness

Cities addressing homelessness face numerous challenges: counting and classifying populations; defining and pursuing actionable goals; harnessing reso...

Open-Source Tools Meet the Municipal Budget Office

The open data and open source movements seen in today’s cities are often associated with massive troves of online data, cutting-edge predictive analyt...

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Launching Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

NEW YORK – Bloomberg Philanthropies and Harvard University are jointly announcing the launch of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, an u...

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