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New Orleans Brings Data-Driven Tools to Blight Remediation

Beneath the Smart City

A Starter Kit for Data-Smart Cities

This guide highlights resources to help answer questions that a new Chief Data Officer or other government data leader might have about the best way t...

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Turning Dirty Streets Clean through Comprehensive Open Data Mapping

Los Angeles, California’s comprehensive Clean Streets LA (CSLA) initiative is effectively addressing street cleanliness using the power of data and ma...

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Why Civic Analytics?

Cities worldwide are having a data and analytics-driven moment, and it’s one that is likely here to stay. Thanks to advances in computing, code-sharin...

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Seeking Smart Streetlights: Creative Procurement in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is leveraging an effort to replace the entirety of its 40,000 city owned and operated streetlights as an opportunity to enhance city servic...

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New York City Open Data: A Brief History

When New York City leaders passed comprehensive open data legislation in 2012, they set a high bar for open information and government transparency. N...

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