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Summit on Data-Smart Government

Making Chicago’s Beach Water Safer With Analytics

Two Years of Open Data in Pittsburgh

After he assumed office in early 2014, Pittsburgh mayor William Peduto’s administration began an effort to make the city’s data open and accessible by...

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Building World-Class Information in Los Angeles through Connected Data Leadership

Inspiring cultural change is always challenging, but with the right leadership, inclusion and innovation can become driving forces for change and oppo...

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Discovering the True Value of City Data Experts

Increasingly, leading cities are hiring “data people.” Whether with the title chief data officer, chief innovation officer, performance stat program d...

Summit on Data-Smart Government

Overview Please join us on November 7-8 for the first-ever Summit on Data-Smart Government, presented by the Civic Analytics Network (CAN), a peer g...

Protecting Newborns from Harm with Data-Sharing

The list of potential uses for interagency data-sharing to improve child welfare outcomes is never-ending. Hospital data on low-weight newborns could...

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