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Case Study | Boston’s Citywide Analytics Team

User-Friendliness Defines Chicago’s New Data Portal

Alleviating Flooding in San Francisco With Civic Tech Volunteers

While San Francisco’s lush rolling hills define iconic destinations like Lombard Street and Nob Hill, they also make the city particularly prone to fl...

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Map of the Month: Redlining Louisville

Redlining, the denial of services or the refusal to grant loans or insurance to certain neighborhoods based on racial and socioeconomic di...

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Measuring Community Vitality Through the ‘Great Streets’ of Los Angeles

Neighborhood main streets, or corridors, are at the heart of daily urban life, connecting us to the local businesses, resources, and people that form...

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Becoming a Leading CDO: Tom Schenk Jr., Chicago

Tom Schenk Jr. knows that he could be making more money working with data and analytics in the private sector — he was once an investment banker and h...

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Civic Analytics Network: Helping Cities Unlock the Power of Data

By now, most are familiar with the trope expounding on the transformative power of data in our society today. We see its manifestation in nearly every...

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