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Save the Date: The Harvard Summit on Data-Smart Government

Visualizing Pittsburgh’s Property Data

Register for the Harvard Summit on Data-Smart Government

Overview Please join us on November 7-8 for the first-ever Harvard Summit on Data-Smart Government, presented by the Civic Analytics Network (CAN),...

Making Chicago’s Beach Water Safer With Analytics

Ask someone about their last trip to a beach, and you’ll likely hear pleasant stories of relaxation and fun in the sun. Most of the time, those toes i...

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The Power of Data Visualization in Cities: Los Angeles’ GeoHub

A lot of the work that Chief Data Officers (CDOs) across cities do, while in the same spirit, has taken on many different forms. That’s one of the thi...

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Who Are America’s City Chief Data Officers?

As the use of data is growing in government, the need for data leadership is increasing in tandem. This data leadership takes very different forms in...

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Becoming a Leading CDO: Maksim Pecherskiy, San Diego

Affectionately nicknamed “America’s Finest City,” San Diego is known most for its miles of beaches and seemingly always-sunny weather. But the coastal...

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