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Summit on Data-Smart Government

Making Chicago’s Beach Water Safer With Analytics

Video: Making Government Data Emergency Ready

At the Summit on Data-Smart Government in late 2017, San Diego CDO Maksim Pecherskiy delivered a lighting talk on the value of making government data...

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Effective Engagement Combines Innovation with Public Outreach

The city of South Bend, Ind., tackled urban blight in short order, rehabilitating or demolishing 1,000 abandoned properties two months ahead of the 1,...

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A Guide to Chicago’s Array of Things Initiative

The 606, Chicago’s rails-to-trails project that stretches for 4.2 miles on the city’s northwest side, has been popular with residents and visitors eve...

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The Summit on Data-Smart Government Brings Civic Analytics Leaders to Cambridge

Last month, the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School hosted the inaugural Summit on Data-Smart Government, convening nonprofit, government, and academ...

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Summit on Data-Smart Government: Resources and Materials

Below is a collection of resources from the 2017 Data-Smart Summit presented by the Civic Analytics Network (CAN).  Tuesday, November 7, 2017 1-2:3...

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