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New Orleans Brings Data-Driven Tools to Blight Remediation

Beneath the Smart City

How Government’s Data Can Be Truly Useable

In honor of the recent Open Data Day, here's what might seem a counterintuitive suggestion: Let's stop celebrating open data. Why? A little history:...

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User-Friendliness Defines Chicago’s New Data Portal

Chicago’s data portal, first launched in 2010 and codified by a mayoral Executive Order in 2012, is one of the oldest and most robust data portals in...

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How Kansas City’s Data Inventory Led to Better Open Data

Kansas City, Missouri’s comprehensive data inventory shows the importance of clear internal structures and processes to a successful, sustainable open...

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Effective Analytics Outreach to Departments in New Orleans

The City of New Orleans’ Office of Performance and Accountability (OPA), the city’s home for data-driven improvements, has had notable successes in us...

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Achieving Accountability in South Bend Through Strategic Goals

The City of South Bend’s notable ability to set strategic goals has improved city government in a major way: helping Mayor Pete Buttigieg deliver on c...

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