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Open Data

Paving a Path from Open Data to Open Government in South Bend

Open Data

A Better Way to Release Your City’s Data

Ten Great Ways Data Can Make Government Better


Here on Data-Smart, Chris Bousquet kicked off our new series From Research to Results, which discusses academic articles that contain practical insigh...

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Data Visualization

From Research to Results: The Next Wave of Tools For Planning Resilient Cities

How do leaders create resilient cities— those that are able to adapt to changes and disturbances, whether they be natural disasters, econo...

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#DataSmart News: Public Health

June 16, 2017: Using Data to Fight the Opioid Epidemic Prescription drug monitoring programs—government-run databases designed to track how doctors a...

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Map of the Month

Map of the Month: Redlining Louisville

Redlining, the denial of services or the refusal to grant loans or insurance to certain neighborhoods based on racial and socioeconomic di...

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