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Big Data

A Catalog of Civic Data Use Cases

Ten Great Ways Data Can Make Government Better

Who Are America’s City Chief Data Officers?

Data Visualization

Getting Insight Into Inequality: How Cities are Investing in Social Equity Indicators

Introduction Inequality has become one of the most pressing issues in American society. The vast and growing gaps between elites and the working or m...

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Performance Measurement

From Research to Results: Measuring Trust in City Agencies

“Trust in government is at an all time low.” Does this line sound familiar? Throughout American political history, it has appeared in the...

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Data Visualization

How Civic Tech Can Address Urban Inequality

For all of its best intentions, civic technology has long struggled with an inclusion problem. Data dashboards, web-based tools and mobile apps are ty...

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Data Visualization

Map Monday: Iowa Bridge Conditions

Promises to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure have become a trope in contemporary political life. And yet, it often seems like po...

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