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Big Data

A Catalog of Civic Data Use Cases

From Research to Results: The Substance Behind Smart Cities

Ten Great Ways Data Can Make Government Better

Data Visualization

Video: Making Government Data Emergency Ready

At the Summit on Data-Smart Government in late 2017, San Diego CDO Maksim Pecherskiy delivered a lighting talk on the value of making government data...

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Predictive Analytics

From Research to Results: Navigating the Ethics of Emerging Technologies

In the tech world of today, a century-old philosophical question has reared its head to vex designers, company executives, and lawmakers a...

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Why Every Mayor Should Consider Launching a Policy Lab

You might have heard recently about a large study of body-worn police cameras in Washington, D.C,. that shed new light on the cameras' effects. The fi...

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Live Stream: Stephen Goldsmith Discusses Smart Cities at CES 2018

At 2:15 ET, Stephen Goldsmith moderates a panel titled "Marrying the Vision and Practical Realities of Smart Cities" at CES 2018, in which a group of...

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