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Open Data

From Research to Results: The Next Wave of Tools For Planning Resilient Cities

How do leaders create resilient cities— those that are able to adapt to changes and disturbances, whether they be natural disasters, econo...

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Open Data

A Better Way to Release Your City’s Data

Open data has immense potential to catalyze creative problem solving by practitioners and policymakers, but troves of vaguely-labeled spreadsheets wil...

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Open Data

Paving a Path from Open Data to Open Government in South Bend

Since launching its open data portal in August 2013, South Bend, IN has published datasets on topics ranging from finance to code enforcement. Like ma...

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Open Data

Taking Pittsburgh’s Open Data on the Road

Once a month in most of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods, a long-held civic tradition marches on: residents gather in church basements, park shelters, co...

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Open Data

User-Friendliness Defines Chicago’s New Data Portal

Chicago’s data portal, first launched in 2010 and codified by a mayoral Executive Order in 2012, is one of the oldest and most robust data portals in...

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