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From Prosaic to Personal: Transforming City Data Through Art

Taking Pittsburgh’s Open Data on the Road

6 Traits of Productive Hackathons

Map of the Month: Who Votes for Mayor?

What percentage of eligible residents would you guess voted in the most recent Dallas mayoral race? 50 percent? Maybe 40? In fact, the nu...

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From Research to Results: Measuring Trust in City Agencies

“Trust in government is at an all time low.” Does this line sound familiar? Throughout American political history, it has appeared in the...

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How Civic Tech Can Address Urban Inequality

For all of its best intentions, civic technology has long struggled with an inclusion problem. Data dashboards, web-based tools and mobile apps are ty...

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Data-Driven Emergency Response: Learning from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Nothing exposes a city’s limited resources quite like an emergency. The reality is that during many natural disasters, municipalities face more 911 ca...

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Map of the Month: Baltimore’s GEOLOOM co>map

Baltimore is a city that embraces the arts – from world-class cultural institutions such as the Baltimore Museum of Arts and Enoch Pratt F...

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