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Sensors and Smartphones: Technological Solutions for Monitoring Road Conditions

America’s roads need help. In a 2013 report on the state of U.S. infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave road infrastructure a ‘D...

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Louisville Leverages Crowdsourcing for Civic Good

Crowdsourcing is an effective tool for governments to use to understand their community in new ways. In Louisville, we have embraced the philosophy of...

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#DataSmart Resources: Civic Engagement

Civic engagement has long been a universal concern for cities. Governments depend on constituent thoughts and feedback to guide their work, but solici...

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Including Residents in Civic Tech Development

Earlier this year, the City of Chicago launched OpenGrid, its latest and most interactive web platform for open data.  OpenGrid lets residents visuall...

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Learning from Location

More than two-thirds of Americans own smartphones, creating a powerful new opportunity for governments to communicate with their citizens. One of the...

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