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Civic Data

When You Hear Hooves, Think Horse, Not Zebra

A month or two ago I was having a discussion with a physician about obscure diseases — commonly referred to as zebras. While I was considering these z...

Civic Engagement

6 Traits of Productive Hackathons

When people think of hackathons, they likely imagine a dimly lit room full of young coders armed with energy drinks and high-powered laptops frantical...

What Works Cities

What Works Cities: How Local Governments Are Changing Lives

What Works Cities (WWC) is a community of forward-thinking city leaders and partner organizations driving toward one goal: to help city residents thri...

Civic Data

Three Tips for Designing Municipal Tools with Employees in Mind

A number of years ago, a Midwestern state rolled out a comprehensive procurement system that allowed state employees to identify purchases based on 1,...

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