Data-Smart City Solutions


Civic Data

Why Every Mayor Should Consider Launching a Policy Lab

You might have heard recently about a large study of body-worn police cameras in Washington, D.C,. that shed new light on the cameras' effects. The fi...

Civic Analytics Network

The Summit on Data-Smart Government Brings Civic Analytics Leaders to Cambridge

Last month, the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School hosted the inaugural Summit on Data-Smart Government, convening nonprofit, government, and academ...

Data Visualization

How Data Visualization Can Help Cities Save Net Neutrality

As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prepares to vote today on the future of net neutrality, vehement debate on the issue continues to domin...


How Data and Cities Can Shape The Future of Mobility

Moving about a city not only drains valuable time and energy, but also contributes a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. Estimates show that the...

Health & Human Services

Using Data to Address Hunger and Food Insecurity

When we think of the challenges of hunger and food insecurity, we do not always think of data as a key to potential solutions. However, data has been...

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