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Civic Data

Tapping Local Data to Fight Drug Overdoses

The man lay motionless in a car parked just outside a Cincinnati, OH fire station. It was a muggy Friday morning last September. According to local ne...

Civic Analytics Network

Save the Date: The Harvard Summit on Data-Smart Government

Mark your calendars for the first-ever Harvard Summit on Data-Smart Government, presented by the Civic Analytics Network (CAN). CAN is a peer group of...

Data Visualization

From Prosaic to Personal: Transforming City Data Through Art

Through media like visual art, fiction, and even food, artists have sought to transform static data points into vibrant and immersive experiences. In...

Civic Data

When You Hear Hooves, Think Horse, Not Zebra

A month or two ago I was having a discussion with a physician about obscure diseases — commonly referred to as zebras. While I was considering these z...

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