Data-Smart City Solutions


Civic Data

Planning the Data-Driven City

A city’s data is one of its most valuable assets. Urban data is the bedrock of the performance management programs that allow cities to ensure continu...

Civic Analytics Network

Why Civic Analytics?

Cities worldwide are having a data and analytics-driven moment, and it’s one that is likely here to stay. Thanks to advances in computing, code-sharin...


Analytics Tools Could Be the Key to Effective Message-Driven Nudging

Appealing to the nuances of the human mind has been a feature of effective governance for as long as governance has existed, appearing prominently in...

What Works Cities

Kick-Starting Data-Driven Government

As the civic data field matures, more cities are discovering the value of data to improve government and asking how they can more fully join the movem...

Public Safety

Can Algorithms Predict House Fires?

Last December’s blaze at an Oakland, CA, warehouse was the deadliest structural fire in the U.S. in more than a decade. Thirty-six people died during...

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