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One Bin For All: Houston Finds Hidden Value in Waste

Procuring Innovation

Providence Talks: Progress on Closing the ‘Word Gap’

Engaging Entrepreneurs to Solve Urban Problems

Too often, innovative ideas in the public sector never see the light of day due to regulations and oversight designed for a different era. While procu...

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Chicago Launches OpenGrid to Democratize Open Data

How well do you know your city? Your neighborhood? Even your block?  When it comes to public information, it’s a simple question without a simple ans...

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How a Good Idea Can Survive a Mayoral Transition

The moment that a new mayor takes office is often the moment that promising initiatives meet their demise. Changes in political appointees, policy goa...

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Structuring a Waste Management and Recycling Organization in Houston

The purpose of this document is to provide reference material and case studies for the City of Houston’s One Bin For All project. Specifically, this...

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Technology Dissemination with Government

The purpose of this document is to provide background and reference material for the City of Chicago’s SmartData analytics platform project. Specifi...

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