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The MIT Technology Review covers Mount Sinai Medical Center’s foray into arguably big data’s biggest application: cutting the $3 trillion in annual health care spending. Employing a former Facebook data scientist and predictive analytics, the hospital hopes to replace general treatment guidelines with new risk models.

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a new Mayors Challenge for cities in Europe. The last round of the Challenge conferred prizes on five American cities; Chicago’s winning proposal was for the development of a predictive analytics platform.

SFGate reported the launch of San Francisco Decoded, a new project by the OpenGov Foundation to “try to provide a digital tool for people to employ city laws and codes in their own digital formats.”

Project advisor Nick Grossman argues that instead of building more civic apps, we should instead make all apps more civic.

Forbes covered one club in the Bundesliga, Germany’s top-flight soccer league, that is deploying sensors on players, their equipment, and the ball to feed data to the SAP HANA platform for analysis. Lessons in soccer tactics and training may not be relevant to civic innovators, but the methods used to analyze over 60 million locational records in real time could be applied to mass transit datasets.

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Last week, Chicago unveiled its first comprehensive technology plan. Invoking Nelson Alger’s description of the city as “a place whose heartbeat carries farther than its shout,” Chicago’s CTO declared, “It’s time for the shout to catch up with the heartbeat.”

Chris Murphy, Chief of Staff to Mayor Vincent Gray of Washington, D.C., spoke with us about, Washington’s sentiment analysis initiative. This video is the first in our Data-Smart Leaders series.

According to Stephen Goldsmith, governments are getting better at capturing more data, and are increasingly focusing on analysis and data-based decision making. In the world of public transit, open data holds great promise to leverage external expertise and resources.

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