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The Power of Data Visualization in Cities: Pittsburgh’s Burgh’s Eye View

I am Laura Meixell, chief data officer (CDO) and assistant director of performance improvement for the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And today I'm...


Syracuse i-Team: Upgrading Infrastructure on a Limited Budget

What does a city do when faced with deteriorating infrastructure and a limited budget, but strong mayoral and public interest in building a more resil...

Public Safety

Tracing Data to Reduce Gun Trafficking

A recent gun trafficking bust in New York State confiscated over 200 guns from Virginia. The guns were brought into New York through what’s known to l...

Civic Analytics Network

Visualizing Pittsburgh’s Property Data

Properties form the physical fabric of a neighborhood and, ultimately, a city. They’re the spaces in which we live our lives - where work and joy and...

Map of the Month

Map of the Month: Vision Zero Boston

The Vision Zero initiative began in Sweden in 1997 with the goal of eliminating fatal traffic and pedestrian accidents, and has since spre...

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