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Internet of Things

The Connected Street of the Future

In a recent conversation with New York City's chief technology officer, Miguel Gamiño, I asked, "What's your vision for a truly smart city? What will...

Internet of Things

Smart Procurement for Smart Cities

City officials face difficult challenges as they begin to weave a digital fabric through their streets and buildings. Not only do they need to confron...

Data Visualization

Effective Engagement Combines Innovation with Public Outreach

The city of South Bend, Ind., tackled urban blight in short order, rehabilitating or demolishing 1,000 abandoned properties two months ahead of the 1,...

Civic Analytics Network

A Guide to Chicago’s Array of Things Initiative

The 606, Chicago’s rails-to-trails project that stretches for 4.2 miles on the city’s northwest side, has been popular with residents and visitors eve...

Data Visualization

Map Monday: NYC Citi Bike Visualization

In New York City, 90,000 commuters bike to work every day. If you’re one of those commuters who use New York’s Citi Bike bikeshare system,...

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