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Data Visualization

Map Monday: NYC Citi Bike Visualization

In New York City, 90,000 commuters bike to work every day. If you’re one of those commuters who use New York’s Citi Bike bikeshare system,...

Data Visualization

Map Monday: Evictions by Demography

That dreaded letter in the mailbox after months of struggling to make rent: the eviction notice. In rapidly gentrifying San Francisco, the...

Map of the Month

Map of the Month: KC Digital Inclusion Map

The city of Kansas City, MO has an ambitious vision: to connect all of its nearly 500,000 residents to the Internet. In the city’s eyes, c...

Data Visualization

Map Monday: Mobileye and Esri Story Map

The practice of mapping traffic collisions to understand the most hazardous parts of the urban landscape has become a useful tool for citi...

Data Visualization

Map Monday: Boston Green Links

Bikers in Boston are a hearty bunch. Navigating streets replete with potholes, less than friendly drivers, and unexpected one-ways is no e...

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