Data-Smart City Solutions


Performance Measurement

Can Well-Being Define What Government Does?

One of the most important questions a local-government official can ask is "why?" Government typically does today what it did yesterday. But what if l...

Data Visualization

Map Monday: Risk Map

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma unleashed the power of a civic technology community intent on lending a helping hand. Both before and during th...

Civic Data

What a Digital City Hall Could Be

Anyone with a smartphone knows that even the coolest-looking app will go unused if it fails to meet the user's needs. The same is true for a newly lau...

Civic Analytics Network

Making Chicago’s Beach Water Safer With Analytics

Ask someone about their last trip to a beach, and you’ll likely hear pleasant stories of relaxation and fun in the sun. Most of the time, those toes i...

Data Visualization

Map Monday: Is the American Dream Still Affordable?

As gentrification has entered the cultural consciousness as a critical social justice problem, questions about affordable housing have bec...

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