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Project on Municipal Innovation

How Cities Should Manage High-Profile Police Incidents

  Wyatt Cmar This is Wyatt Cmar with the Project on Municipal Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center for Democratic Governance. I'm her...

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Civic Data

Q&A: Stephen Goldsmith Discusses Importance of Data Sharing with Illinois CIO Hardik Bhatt

Last May, the state of Illinois made headlines with an enterprise memorandum of understanding between 13 state agencies that agreed to share data to e...

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What Works Cities

Infusing Government with a Data-Driven Culture

There are many different ways city leaders can utilize or even define the purpose of data. One could think about performance data as it relates to act...

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Project on Municipal Innovation

Q&A: Kansas City Leaders Talk Data-Driven Engagement

Earlier this spring, at the Project on Municipal Innovation Advising Group’s 13th convening, I had the opportunity to listen to a panel of city leader...

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