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Crime Prevention

Fairness is Fiscally Responsible

Disaster Management

RAVEN911 Gives Emergency Responders a Bird’s Eye View

Predicting Fire Risk: From New Orleans to a Nationwide Tool

Can Algorithms Predict House Fires?

Last December’s blaze at an Oakland, CA, warehouse was the deadliest structural fire in the U.S. in more than a decade. Thirty-six people died during...

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Crime Prevention

A Catalog of Civic Data Use Cases

What kinds of operations-enhancing questions have cities asked and answered with data and analytics? The catalog below is an ongoing, regularly-update...

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Embracing Technology and Changing the Culture at the NYPD

In 2015, crime in New York City fell once again, reaching its lowest level in recent decades. New Yorkers are now safer in the city than they have bee...

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Data Science for Social Good is Making a Mark, Starting a Movement

We’re starting to learn more and more how data can change the way we live and improve the services that we rely on. Whether it’s predicting the next w...

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Crime Prevention

Why We Need to Move Away From Jailing the Mentally Ill

Today, after decades of deinstitutionalization of all but the most critically ill patients from state mental hospitals, America's jails are the centra...

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