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The Regulatory Reform for the 21st Century City Project
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How Can Data and Analytics Be Used To Enhance City Operations?

What kinds of operations-enhancing questions have cities asked and answered with data and analytics? The catalog below is an ongoing, regularly-update...

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A Gathering Revolution in Regulation

In cities around the country, we're seeing the beginning of fundamental change in how governments discharge their regulatory responsibilities. In some...

Analytics with a Side of Discretion

In recent months we’ve seen many new technologies and partnerships aimed at helping local government workers conduct restaurant health inspections mor...

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Crowdsourcing Prediction

Cities around the country are finding new ways to use their administrative data. But data is all around us, and cities can gain significant insights b...

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White Paper: Questions to Guide Regulatory Policy Development

INTRODUCTION The goal of this short white paper is to offer some reflections on what a process of “informed comparison” of policy options that inv...

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