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The Regulatory Reform for the 21st Century City Project
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White Paper: Retrospective Benefit-Cost Analysis

INTRODUCTION In a previous article, “Benefit-Cost Analysis and the Cities,” we describe how cities can use benefit-cost analysis prospectively to...

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White Paper: Benefit-Cost Analysis and the Cities

INTRODUCTION Weighing the pros and cons of different choices is a natural part of any decision-making process. By making this process more explici...

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White Paper: Regulation, the Internet Way

INTRODUCTION We are in the transition from an industrial society to an information society. As we've learned from the first 25 years of the life w...

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Case Study: Chicago Licensing and Permitting Reform

ABSTRACT Taking office in 2011 amidst a challenging global economic downturn, Mayor Rahm Emanuel sought to jumpstart the Chicago economy and creat...

Regulatory Reform for the 21st Century City - White Papers and Case Studies

A collection of white papers and case studies that highlight regulatory reform best practices in U.S. cities.

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