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The Regulatory Reform for the 21st Century City Project
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Case Study: Chicago Licensing and Permitting Reform

ABSTRACT Taking office in 2011 amidst a challenging global economic downturn, Mayor Rahm Emanuel sought to jumpstart the Chicago economy and creat...

Regulatory Reform for the 21st Century City - White Papers and Case Studies

A collection of white papers and case studies that highlight regulatory reform best pracites in U.S. cities.

Case Study: Hailing the Future - Equal Access to Taxis across New York’s Neighborhoods

ABSTRACT Cities everywhere work to balance the need for regulation—to ensure public health and protect quality of life—with the need to promote ec...

Case Study: On the Go - Insights into Food Truck Regulation in US Cities

ABSTRACT Mobile food vending dates back to as early as 1866 with the creation of the “chuckwagon” to feed roaming cattlemen in Texas. Since the la...

Improving Cities by Investing in Next-Generation Internet

Between the Federal Communications Commission’s recent redefinition of broadband, Obama’s BroadbandUSA announcement, and the FCC’s vote supporting n...

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