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Harvard Professors Release Guide to Help Civic Leaders Leverage Data for Responsive Governance

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The Responsive City Events

Coauthors Stephen Goldsmith and Susan Crawford will be speaking about the book throughout the fall. Select events open to the public are listed belo...

The Rise of the Data Scientists

As the volume, velocity, and variety of data that organizations have access to continues to increase, so too does the need for workers who are fluen...

A Smarter Grid in the Motor City

The smart grid in Detroit is about to get smarter – and so are utility industry executives exploring options for real-time grid data and analytics. ...

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The Responsive City In the News

The Responsive City Named One of the 10 Best City Books of 2014

The Guardian named The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data-Smart Governance to its list, "The 10 best city books of 2014."...

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