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The Need for Governing Intelligence

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have enabled many promising technologies, from sophisticated voice recognition to virtual personal assistan...

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New Orleans Brings Data-Driven Tools to Blight Remediation

Since New Orleans began its recovery after Hurricane Katrina, the city has been tackling its problem with blighted properties in a variety of ways. Re...

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Beneath the Smart City

It’s five minutes into your morning commute, and whether you’re driving, biking, or walking, you can see them in the distance: orange cones, cordoning...

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Open-Source Tools Meet the Municipal Budget Office

The open data and open source movements seen in today’s cities are often associated with massive troves of online data, cutting-edge predictive analyt...

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Restoring Trust in the Responsive City

Introduction: Trust in Local Government “Local” matters now as never before.  Prominent voices across the academic and policy communities are drawin...

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