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Harvard Professors Release Guide to Help Civic Leaders Leverage Data for Responsive Governance

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The Responsive City, co-authored by Stephen Goldsmith and Susan Crawford, serves as a guide to governance in the digital age. The book highlights seve...

Los Angeles’s Testing Ground for Transportation Efficiency

Forward-focused urban transportation departments are shifting their attention to a concept known as "mobility management," a modern approach that take...

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Crowdsourcing Helps Set NYPD Agenda

At the most recent convening of the National Association of Counties at the Harvard Kennedy School, county executives heard Professor Mark Moore share...

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In Snow Removal, a Model for Change

Clearing roads after a snowfall is not a new problem for cities in northern climes. But government is infamously prone to institutional inertia, and s...

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How Smart City Barcelona Brought the Internet of Things to Life

Cities around the world are beginning to understand the huge potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). In Barcelona, those possibilities have started...

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