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Open-Source Tools Meet the Municipal Budget Office

The open data and open source movements seen in today’s cities are often associated with massive troves of online data, cutting-edge predictive analyt...

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Restoring Trust in the Responsive City

Introduction: Trust in Local Government “Local” matters now as never before.  Prominent voices across the academic and policy communities are drawin...

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A Key Efficiency Ingredient: Dissent

Major improvements in governmental efficiency obviously will occur only when they are driven by the leader of a city, state or agency. Leaders who acc...

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Taking Predictive Analytics to the Beach

For Chicagoans, few things are as enjoyable as a day at the beach. That joy, however, is contingent on clean waters that are free of contaminants such...

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OpenGrid for Smart Cities

In January of this year, officials at Chicago’s Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) launched OpenGrid, a map-based application that provide...

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