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Harvard Professors Release Guide to Help Civic Leaders Leverage Data for Responsive Governance

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The Responsive City In the News

Improving Service and Communication with Open Data

Enacting policies to make more data publicly accessible also makes governments more accessible to the communities they serve. Open data fuels the kind...

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More Inclusive Governance in the Digital Age

Introduction Working toward inclusive governance takes a multi-stakeholder model.  Government cannot – and should not – do it alone. It is not as sim...

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The Internet of Things in Chicago: Collaborative Action for Smarter Cities

What on Earth is a waggle dance?  In nature, it’s the name of a communicative dance that honey bees perform for each other, in which one bee shakes o...

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Crowdsourcing Prediction

Cities around the country are finding new ways to use their administrative data. But data is all around us, and cities can gain significant insights b...

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