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Battling Blight: Four Ways Cities Are Using Data to Address Vacant Properties

Internet of Things

Internet of Things in Focus

Syracuse i-Team: Upgrading Infrastructure on a Limited Budget

Internet of Things

The Connected Street of the Future

In a recent conversation with New York City's chief technology officer, Miguel Gamiño, I asked, "What's your vision for a truly smart city? What will...

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Internet of Things

From Research to Results: Navigating the Ethics of Emerging Technologies

In the tech world of today, a century-old philosophical question has reared its head to vex designers, company executives, and lawmakers a...

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Internet of Things

Smart Procurement for Smart Cities

City officials face difficult challenges as they begin to weave a digital fabric through their streets and buildings. Not only do they need to confron...

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Internet of Things

A Guide to Chicago’s Array of Things Initiative

The 606, Chicago’s rails-to-trails project that stretches for 4.2 miles on the city’s northwest side, has been popular with residents and visitors eve...

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How Data and Cities Can Shape The Future of Mobility

Moving about a city not only drains valuable time and energy, but also contributes a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. Estimates show that the...

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