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Sensors and Smartphones: Technological Solutions for Monitoring Road Conditions

The Big Power of Data in a Small City

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San Francisco’s Data Academy Develops a Data-Savvy Workforce

On a Wednesday morning, forty San Francisco city employees file into a room and find their seats. Over the next three hours, Joy Bonaguro, Chief Data...

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Upcoming Webinar: New Orleans Analytics Typology

The Civic Analytics Network will host a webinar, “New Orleans Analytics Typology,” on Tuesday December 13th at 4 pm ET. The webinar will be a presenta...

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The Power of Partnerships in Economic Rebirth

In South Bend, Ind., new buildings housing high-tech startups are being built on the site that once housed the Studebaker automobile factories. This c...

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The Importance of Telling Your City’s Story

No pain no gain applies to more than exercise. The more meaningful the change emanating out of city hall, the more likely there will be accompanying p...

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Unlocking the Potential of Open Data through Community Engagement

From exploring neighborhood maps to generating analysis and building applications, citizens, businesses, nonprofits and technologists can all benefit...

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