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Kick-Starting Data-Driven Government

Connecting Open Data to Residents’ Lives

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How Government Can Nurture the Nudge

In implementing behaviorally informed interventions known as "nudges" to improve program outcomes, the city of Louisville has followed an important pr...

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Using Data to Find the True Price of Parking in Boston

In 1981, the price of Boston's metered parking spaces doubled from fifty cents to a dollar an hour. Crews from the Traffic and Parking Department fann...

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The District of Columbia’s Scientific Approach to Policy

In the past year, Washington, D.C. has dramatically increased its efforts to use low-cost evaluations in policymaking. Boosted by commitments to data-...

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Case Study | Boston’s Citywide Analytics Team

In Boston, when an ambulance arrives at an address in under six minutes, when a resident’s call to 311 is answered in less than 30 seconds, or when a...

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Paving a Path from Open Data to Open Government in South Bend

Since launching its open data portal in August 2013, South Bend, IN has published datasets on topics ranging from finance to code enforcement. Like ma...

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