This page includes a list of resources about Stephen Goldsmith’s tenure as mayor of Indianapolis.

Summary Presentation

Goldsmith, Stephen. Competitive Government: The Indianapolis Experience.

Case Studies

Books & Chapters

By Stephen Goldsmith

About Stephen Goldsmith

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Journals & News Articles

By Stephen Goldsmith

  • Goldsmith, Stephen, and Mark E. Schneider. “Partnering for Public Value: New Approaches in Public Employee Labor-Management Relations.” University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law 5, no. 3 (Spring 2003) 415-425.
  • Goldsmith, Stephen. “Rejoinder to Ideology and Inner City Redevelopment: Conservative Activism.” Journal of Urban Affairs 25, no. 1 (2003) 27-32.
  • Goldsmith, Stephen. "Indianapolis Makes it Clear: System Works." The Atlanta-Journal Constitution (August 9, 1998).
  • Goldsmith, Stephen. "Waste Not." City Journal (Winter, 1998).

About Stephen Goldsmith

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