• Grow a strong list of local jobs and firms.
  • Grow traded sector jobs and target firms that bring new capital to the region. 
  • Increase access to workforce with necessary education and in-demand occupational skills.
  • Support entrepreneurs and startups that advance innovation.
  • Improve market access and supply chain linkages to increase productivity.


  • Foster an economy that benefits and improves for people affected by poverty and improves economic attainment.
  • Eliminates hurdles to people of color, women, and marginalized communities to leverage all workers and entrepreneurs. 
  • Grow and improve access to businesses with middle-wage job opportunities and high opportunity occupations.


  • Facilitate more efficient use, access, and market readiness of industrial/employment lands and major institutions.
  • Stabilize communities and enhance local real estate markets.
  • Improve housing and transportation affordability that maintains competitive cost of living. 
  • Invest in community assets and infrastructure that support vibrant communities with access to opportunity.