The Project on Municipal Innovation - Advisory Group (PMI-AG), launched in 2006, is directed by Harvard Kennedy School professor Stephen Goldsmith and supported by Living Cities. PMI-AG consists of the 35 largest cities across the U.S. Each city appoints one representative, in most cases the Chief of Staff or the Chief Policy Advisor to the mayor. PMI-AG is a unique initiative that provides a platform for cities to share and adapt best practices and innovative policy ideas that increase efficiency and improve the lives of citizens.


Twice a year, the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School hosts a convening for PMI-AG city representatives. At each, representatives discuss important policy challenges and innovative solutions with national policy experts, academic thought leaders, and philanthropic partners. Past convenings have focused on critical topics in urban policy ranging from city competitiveness to leadership strategies in times of change.

Our goal is to share the best practices developed through PMI-AG with other interested cities. You can follow us on Twitter @PMI-AG, where we share smart ideas for city governance. We also make a number of materials highlighting innovative policy solutions available on Data-Smart City Solutions. See below for article collections and case studies from recent PMI-AG convenings: