Equity is Everyone's Work

By Betsy Gardner • August 11, 2021

In this episode, Professor Steve Goldsmith interviews Christen Watts, GIS Manager at the city of Asheville, and Scott Barnwell, the city's Business and Public Technology Manager. They discuss how Asheville is using data and GIS to further racial equity in the city and correct for historical, systemic racism. They also talk about equitable asset management, how equity is everyone's responsibility, and the importance of history in story mapping.

Listen below, or wherever you get your podcasts, to hear Professor Goldsmith, Christen Watts, and Scott Barnwell discuss these topics and learn how to implement similar equity, community, and allyship work in your own city. Transcript available here.

About the Author

Betsy Gardner

Betsy Gardner is the editor of Data-Smart City Solutions and the producer of the Data-Smart City Pod. Prior to joining the Ash Center, Betsy worked in a variety of roles in higher education, focusing on deconstructing racial and gender inequality through research, writing, and facilitation. She also researched government spending and transparency at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Betsy holds a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Policy from Northeastern University, a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Boston University, and a graduate certificate in Digital Storytelling from the Harvard Extension School.