Innovation in Procurement

By Ash Center Mayors Challenge Research Team • April 8, 2014


The overarching goal of Philadelphia’s FastFWD project is to rethink and reform government procurement to make it an avenue for innovation in government. The purpose of this document is to provide background reference material and contribute best practice ideas to Philadelphia’s FastFWD project. Specifically, this document gathers information about current best practices and emerging ideas on procurement and government innovation to inform efforts to “fix” procurement processes in Philadelphia. Based on a review of the procurement reform and more general government innovation literature, we have identified relevant reform efforts that fall under three main categories: increasing participation in procurement, creating more efficient back-office processes, and building openness and capacity for innovation.

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About the Author

Ash Center Mayors Challenge Research Team

The Ash Center is the Research Partner for the five Winners of the 2012 Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge. In that capacity, the Center is working with the cities during the implementation process to evaluate and record the process of innovation, develop a consistent body of learnings, promote replication, and provide the cities with research and documentation support.