Regulatory Reform Framework

By Regulatory Reform Team • February 17, 2015

Working with US cities, the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School is building an inventory of regulatory best practices that will support local governments in streamlining regulatory processes, while at the same time supporting local and regional economic development.

This Smith Richardson Foundation funded research will be a resource for those US and International cities looking to learn more about regulatory reform, as well as those interested in replicating and adapting best practices to streamline regulatory development, licensing and permitting, and compliance in their own city.

As cities explore regulatory reform, they should ask themselves questions that point to what regulatory best practices can achieve efficiency. Below we provide principles and best practices for local government that we have identified through research, interviews and expert insight. Each best practice includes a description and value proposition. In addition, potential barriers to implementation have been identified. Finally, we have included examples of how cities have reformed aspects of their regulatory regime using these best practices.



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