By Data-Smart City Solutions • August 9, 2017

Mark your calendars for the first-ever Harvard Summit on Data-Smart Government, presented by the Civic Analytics Network (CAN). CAN is a peer group of leading Chief Data Officers from America’s largest cities working to advance the use of data analytics in municipal government.

Join these leading CDOs in Cambridge, MA on November 7th and 8th, 2017 and learn about the ways data is reshaping how cities across the country work, and hear from expert speakers including CAN Director Stephen Goldsmith, author of The Responsive City and Director of Harvard’s Innovations in Government program.

Sessions will include presentations on successful data analytics use cases, best practices around data innovation in cities, and how cities can use transportation and mobility data to make socioeconomic impact. Conference participants will also be able to take part in training and workshops to gather practical knowledge about how to transform city services and government through the use of data.

Further details on the agenda, logistics, and registration will be available soon; submit your email below to be notified and receive other project news. We hope you join us this fall in Cambridge!