#ThisWeekInData June 7, 2013

Each week we will bring you a summary of what happened this week on our site, on Twitter, and in the wider world of municipal data. Suggest stories on Twitter with #ThisWeekInData.

For this week's special edition of #ThisWeekInData, we're featuring a few interesting videos:

Watch Mike Flowers speak at the 2012 Code for America conference about New York City's data analytics projects.

Martha Mendoza speaks at TEDx about the importance of open government.

Eric Gordon spoke at the Berkman Center at Harvard earlier this year about an online game intended to transform civic engagement.

This week

The New America Foundation released a paper, "Promoting Data in the Classroom," analyzing examples of data systems at work in education.

Baltimore announced its first Chief Data Officer, Heather Hudson.

The San Diego Regional Data Library wrote "Data as a Public Good" about the highest-value government data sets that should be released to the public in San Diego.

New from our team

Our Chicago Fellow discussed the Chicago Safer Communities Hackathon and the role of mobile devices in local public safety.

We wrote about how mobile devices can transform the entire inspection process, allowing both more discretion and more accountability.

HKS student Nick Carney wrote about OpportunitySpace, a tech start-up working on "medium data" and city assets.