By Data-Smart City Solutions • September 22, 2013

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Laurenellen McCann, the Sunlight Foundation's National Policy Manager, wrote a guest post on our site about the Foundation’s recently-updated open data policy guidelines.

The City of Chicago has just released its first-ever technology plan, detailing long-term strategies to enable communities with technology. Look for analysis of the plan on our site in the coming week.

Brian Heaton wrote about Chesterfield County, Virginia’s new integrated system for stormwater monitoring and maintenance in GovTech.

The Knight Foundation announced 10 winning local information projects. many related to open government and data.

In The Atlantic, Jathan Sadowski describes eleven principles of technology-enabled cities based on Anthony Townsend’s upcoming book.  

New from our team

We opened registration for our October 1st webinar with the National League of Cities and the Sunlight Foundation, “Open Data: City Policies to Promote Transparency, Efficiency, and Engagement.”

Stephen Goldsmith writes about the potential of data analysis to transform emergency response: “Whether governments are responding to routine daily service needs or to catastrophe, data and its sophisticated analysis hold the keys to efficiency and resiliency.”

We discussed how sentiment mining will allow government to be far more responsive to its customers.