By Data-Smart City Solutions • October 11, 2013

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StateTech wrote about the potential of smartphone accelerometers for real-time earthquake detection.

At the beginning of the week, Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Aspen Institute, and The Atlantic hosted CityLab in New York City. Arthur Burris wrote about the big data-related takeaways from the event.

Beth Noveck published her speech on big data that she presented at the ICMA conference in Boston in September. She noted the importance of incorporating the community in data projects: “When I’m working on an open data project to help the city become greener, become leaner, become better at what it does, then I think there’s a real impetus for collaboration.”

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas launched a free MOOC, “Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization.”


We wrote about the need for data standards to make data more useful and scalable.

Research assistant Benjamin Weinryb Grohsgal examined different models for generating innovation within cities.

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