By Data-Smart City Solutions • November 16, 2018

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Buffalo, New York, Offers Free Citizen Training for Open Data Portal

Later this month, the city of Buffalo, New York, is launching a new "Data 101" course to help residents learn about the city's open data portal, and about the history and uses of open data more generally. Residents apply to attend the free four-week course, the curriculum for which will be based on public input.

In Chula Vista, California, Drones Now Respond to 911 Calls

In a pilot program in Chula Vista, California, the city's police department is testing the use of drones when responding to 911 calls. The program is a collaboration between Chula Vista, the city of San Diego, and the Federal Aviation Administration, which is in the process of rewriting drone regulations. Officials believe that drones can improve response times and increase officer safety by surveying scenes before officers arrive or enter an area.

The City of Detroit, SharedStreets, and NACTO to Pilot New Data Standard for Dockless Mobility

A recently announced collaborative effort among the city of Detroit, the National Association of City Transportation Officials, and SharedStreets, a nonprofit, will pilot data standards and open-source tools focused on dockless scooters and bicycles. By streamlining data-sharing between different mobility companies and promoting collaboration across cities, the initiative hopes to reduce traffic crashes and make access to transportation more equitable.

New FEMA Initiative Puts Federal Response Teams in Place Before Disaster Strikes

In a shift for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA has begun embedding teams in state agencies; having employees on the ground before disasters strikes helps create efficiencies between state and federal systems. Oregon, Tennessee, Indiana, Virginia, and and North Carolina all have FEMA Integration Teams in place.

'Living Lab' in Dallas Shows Smart City Efforts Can Deliver

The city of Dallas's “Smart Cities Living Lab” pilot program, which launched multiple data and technology experiments in a four-block zone of the city, is yielding promising results. A study revealed drops in energy use along with increased pedestrian traffic and local business revenue.

Digital Cities 2018: Winners Stretch Far Beyond IT Basics

The Center for Digital Government announced this year’s winners of the Digital Cities Survey, an annual effort to recognize the highest-performing cities using digital tools. Winners in the various population categories included Coral Gables, Florida; Westminster, Colorado; Bellevue, Washington; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Los Angeles.