By Data-Smart City Solutions • December 10, 2018

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Open Letter on Data and Dockless Mobility from Civic Analytics Network

The Ash Center's peer network of leading urban chief data officers released recommendations to the growing field of urban mobility providers and the cities working with them on managing data for dockless and docked mobility.

Bad Landlord? These Coders Are Here to Help

An informal group of civic coders in New York City, known as the Housing Data Coalition, works to empower renters. The group’s projects include a tool called Who Owns What, which enables tenants to find all buildings owned by a bad landlord, even when their name is masked by shell companies.

Storytelling Powers Change in Cities

Storytelling is more than simple public relations: cities and officials have a responsibility to share their efforts and their outcomes with the residents who stand to benefit. This can build confidence as well as inform.

Kansas City (Mo.) Continues to Integrate Data Services Across City Government

Kansas City, Missouri’s Office of Performance Management is relaunching as DataKC. The newly-branded department will focus on helping staff across the city with customer feedback, managing with data, continuous improvement, and data storytelling.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic in Northern Kentucky

Faced with one of the highest rates of opioid overdose deaths in the US, the Northern Kentucky Health Department turned to geospatial data and a place-based community response.

Local Governments' Use of Evidence in Policymaking

Results for America recently published a report on the second phase of its Local Government Fellowship, an initiative that helps senior city leaders advance the use of evidence-based policymaking in their communities. The report includes highlights of each participating city’s data-driven accomplishments.

Pittsburgh Expanding System of 'Smart' Traffic Lights to Ease Congestion

The city of Pittsburgh plans to equip more than 150 new intersections with smart traffic signals, an expansion of a pilot project with Carnegie Mellon University. The smart lights adjust timing to make traffic flows more efficient and ease congestion.