By Data-Smart City Solutions • March 22, 2019

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The city of Houston just released the Harvey Data Project report, a data-driven assessment for accurately measuring the storm’s damage and how it further ingrained existing inequalities in the city. 

State Scoop reports that governors are increasingly focused on tech projects, particularly expanding broadband internet in rural areas. 

Simone Brody, Executive Director of What Works Cities, argues that tech companies and local governments should work in concert to take on big data and IOT challenges, as their respective strengths will make bolster each other's efforts. 

CityLab reviews the Digital Service Act of 2019, interviewing the Ash Center’s director Steve Goldsmith about the promises and challenges of the proposed bill. 

Cities around the country are learning to embrace, and influence, the new dockless vehicles by working with mobility management startup Passport. 

Laura Negrón, NYC's Chief Privacy Officer, discusses the new privacy protection protocols that strive to balance data sharing with a respect for personal privacy among users of city services.