By Data-Smart City Solutions • December 13, 2019

Springwise: Top 7 Smart City Innovations From 2019

Springwise, an online publication focusing on innovation and ground-breaking ideas, chose seven innovations from the past year that they believe utilized smart city innovations “for the right reasons while laying the groundwork for how we may interact with where we live in the coming years.” Those innovations include: energy-positive buildings, self-driving shuttle service, and crosswalk signals with AI, among others.

Government Technology: Data Key to Pennsylvania’s Drop in Opioid-Related Fatalities

Pennsylvania officials have reported an 18 percent drop in opioid-related deaths, which they attribute to efficiently sharing data among agencies. Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf signed the eighth renewal of Pennsylvania’s Opioid Disaster Declaration last week that allows the state to use $141 in federal funding to address the opioid crisis. One of those efforts includes an extensive opioid data dashboard that collects information from separate state agencies and disseminates the data in a way that is useful and easy to read.

Computer Weekly: Department for Transport to Build Mapping Tool for Transport Data

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) is looking for a partner to create a mapping tool for place-based transportation data, that will include information like updates on rail projects, population size, and the proportion of the population that uses public transportation.

Ed Scoop: Utah Gov. Herbert Calls for Expanded Computer Science Education Fund

Governor Gary Herbert called on legislators in Utah earlier this week to appropriate $10.2 million of the state budget towards investing in computer science education across the state. The goal is for every child in Utah to have access to computer science education by 2022.

State Scoop: Seattle’s New Data Dashboard Highlights City Performance

A new performance dashboard provides residents in Seattle with both a central hub to access information about the city’s services as well as data visualizations to show the city’s progress on delivering those services. The dashboard, Performance Seattle, uses maps and charts to illustrate the city’s performance across several sectors including homelessness response, capital projects, and the “future of work.”