By Data-Smart City Solutions • January 17, 2020

State Scoop: Sidewalk Labs Pilots AI-Powered Recycling System

Sidewalk Labs is testing a recycling pilot that will utilize artificial intelligence-powered imaging to test waste management technologies that could potentially be used in their sibling smart-neighborhood project in Toronto, Quayside. The three-month test will examine whether regular feedback on recycling practices can improve them over time.

American City & Country: How Artificial Intelligence Helps Smaller Municipalities Manage Road Maintenance

RoadBotics, an infrastructure technology company, has been using artificial intelligence to assist smaller municipalities from falling behind on road assessments and repairs. The AI-based assessments have been allowing cities to make faster, data-driven budgeting decisions. 

State Tech Magazine: Q&A: How Philadelphia CIO's Breaks Down Silos

Mark Wheeler, Philadelphia’s CIO and previous deputy CIO and chief geographic information officer, talks to State Tech Magazine about how he incorporated the city’s geospatial data cultivated cross-department collaborations using location-based data.

Government Technology: Icelandic Citizen Engagement Tool Offers Tips for U.S.

An innovative platform in Iceland called Better Reykjavik connects the country’s residents with government officials using a new communication system in which citizens list arguments for and against ideas, and instead of replying to each other directly, they can only down-vote things with which they disagree in order to prevent online debates from spiraling out of control.

Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society: Principled Artificial Intelligence

The Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University published a report this week, Principled Artificial Intelligence: Mapping Consensus in Ethical and Rights-Based Approaches to Principles for AI, compiling and summarizing the growing industry consensus around thematic trends including: privacy, accountability, safety, and transparency.