By Data-Smart City Solutions • February 14, 2020

Cities Today: Philadelphia Surveys Citizens To Improve Open Data Use

The city of Philadelphia knows that open data doesn’t do much if it isn’t accessed and used by the public. Therefore, the city just launched the PHL Open Data Survey to understand how residents use the current open data portal and how it can be improved in the future. 


Public Technology: Anti-food Waste App Wins Government Innovation Prize

By combining technology and behavior insights, a team of government innovators is developing an app to decrease the seven million tons of food that’s wasted in the UK every year. Winners of the Reimagine Challenge, the app will not only track what household food is wasted but offer personalized suggestions for users, based on their previous waste. 


GovTech: App Makes Public Transit Easier for Riders with Disabilities

The ASSISTIVEtravel app is using technology to remove barriers for passengers who were previously limited by inaccessible transit. Currently in use in Singapore, the app is a cost-effective and inclusive solution for riders with disabilities. 


New America: Global Answers for Local Problems

This report reviews Engaged City Award finalists and suggests that there are six challenges in civic engagement that must be addressed in order to have a truly collaborative government. There are five recommendations for tackling these challenges, including hybrid accessible technology and diversified leadership.


Bloomberg Cities: Why Innovative Cities Are Adapting Time-tested Research Methods

Concepts from ethnographic research and anthropology are being reinterpreted for 21st century governments. Several cities have used human-centered design and immersive engagement concepts to create empathetic, innovative solutions for residents.