By Data-Smart City Solutions • March 13, 2020

Next City: Five Ways Transit Pros Can Get on Board the Equity Train

Current inequities in transportation weigh heavily on low-income individuals and people of color; they experience higher traffic deaths and injuries compared to wealthier, whiter communities. This article outlines five ways transportation officials can improve inequities in their work. 


EOS: Climate Data You Can Trust

As wildfires, floods, and storms increase in intensity around the globe, it’s crucial for public officials to have access to valid climate data. The National Climate Assessment is an extensive effort to collect, validate, and document massive amounts of unbiased data for public use.


American Evaluation Association: Using Open Data to Accelerate Data Literacy Learning

The proliferation of open data over the past decade provides an opportunity for students and community members to practice data literacy using relevant information. This article provides several resources for how to use and where to find open data. 


Government Technology: California Proposal Would Create Homeless Data Warehouse

A recently-introduced bill in the CA State Legislature proposed the creation of a statewide homlessness database, to assist government officials in understanding challenges facing the population and what services they are receiving. An important function of the data warehouse is the ability to identify individuals at risk of homelessness, so they can receive preventative services.


NPR: Coronavirus Pushes More Hospitals To Share Data About Inventories Of Protective Gear

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention is working with hospitals on data-sharing and interoperability, to facilitate resource sharing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the CDC sanctioned this work before the virus broke out, it is even more important now to use technology and data platforms to help hospitals share resources needed for patients.