By Data-Smart City Solutions • May 1, 2020

State Scoop: In Utah, Coronavirus Decisions are Fueled by Real-Time Data

State officials in Utah are using a dashboard created by business-intelligence firm Domo to determine when to lift social distancing measures based on the following data points: hospital bed usage rate, especially in intensive care units; the rate of newly confirmed infections; the number of tests being performed; and the source of exposures to the coronavirus.

State Tech: Street Smarts: Cary, N.C., Doesn't Do IoT in a Piecemeal Way

In North Carolina, the town of Cary’s goal with utilizing smart technology and the Internet of Things comes down to accessibility. The town has a smart city campus which incorporates a park, community centers, a town hall, and other city buildings to test and analyze smart technology initiatives.

The Plain Dealer: Case Western Reserve University Researchers Create Online Risk-Assessment Tool for Coronavirus

A team of Case Western Reserve University researchers, two professors and six students, created an online risk-assessment tool by combining public information and user tracking data to determine the risk of contracting COVID-19 in any location. 

Government Technology: Cities Partner on Model Policy for Handling Municipal Data

The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) worked with collaborators and the cities of Kansas City, Mo., and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., on a Draft Model Data Handling Policy. Students and faculty from UMKC’s School of Law and School of Computer and Engineering produced guidelines addressing a city’s responsibilities when it comes to data handling.

NextGov: Protect Patient Data During COVID-19 Outbreak, Federal Agencies Warn

The Department of Defense released a report stressing the importance of protecting sensitive patient data and information as the department responds to the current pandemic and notes the increase of patients at military medical facilities. 

MIT Technology Review: Israel is Using AI to Flag High-Risk Covid-19 Patients

Maccabi Healthcare Services is using an AI system, which draws on medical data, to identify individuals most at risk for COVID-19. Once identified, those people are fast-tracked for COVID-19 testing.