#ThisWeekInData August 6, 2021

CITIES TODAY: Transport leaders share the secret to successful partnerships

In this article city transportation officials and industry leaders discuss data for innovation, public-private partnerships, and increased digitization, and how these are impacting — and improving — the mobility landscape.

STATE SCOOP: Memphis, Tenn., fostered data culture through competition, mayor says

The city of Memphis has long used data to improve services and department performance; however, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the city developed a task force that uses data to understand where the virus hit hardest, guide the location of testing sites, and understand vaccine hesitancy. 

NEXT CITY: While We're Considering Removing Highways, Let's Not Overlook Pavement

Data on urbanization and pavement surface shows that high concentrations of impervious land (like parking lots and roads) is located in cities, leading to issues like urban heat islands and polluted water run-off. Cities around the world are using this data to “green” the environment, remove asphalt, and increase urban resilience. 

STATE TECH MAGAZINE: Coral Gables, Fla., Uses Data Analytics in New Smart City Projects

In Coral Gables, new intelligent infrastructure platforms are replacing old IoT devices to better capture and analyze data, which in turn improves the city’s public broadband and pedestrian safety. The interoperable sensors recently helped the city avoid flooding and dangerous traffic jams during Tropical Storm Elsa. 

GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY: Project Aims to Better Use Municipal Open Data, Boost Equity    

A team from the University of Washington is working to combat discrimination and inequities in city data, by creating an analysis tool that combines a greater number of datasets with predictive models that account for historic inequities — rather than propagate them.