#ThisWeekInData July 30, 2021

SanJoseCA.gov: San José Mayor Launches Free Tech Support Helpline To Assist Residents in the Digital Inclusion Program

The city of San Jose just launched a pilot Tech Support Helpline, which is a community-developed solution to help residents participating in the San José Digital Inclusion Fund. Those participants can call the free helpline with questions about computer issues and internet access, and receive assistance in both English and Spanish.

Local DVM: Streetlight sensors to monitor pedestrian safety arrive in Arlington

New smart street light sensors are being piloted in Arlington to improve public safety. The sensors will measure things like the location of pedestrians and environmental conditions; after the 12 month pilot the data will be used to adjust traffic and monitor weather conditions to increase safety.

Knight Foundation: Using data to make decisions for more equitable city services 

Cities across the country are using data to rethink resource allocation and policymaking with an equity focus. As they start to rebuild out of the COVID-19 pandemic, cities like San Jose are analyzing existing data, targeting solutions along equity metrics, and utilizing transparent data equity frameworks. 

World Economic Forum: Being smart about smart cities: A governance roadmap for digital technologies

A new policy roadmap from the Global Smart Cities Alliance aims to help city officials implement smart city technologies. The roadmap includes ways to increase accountability and transparency, ensure resident privacy and cybersecurity, and manage data interoperability and financial sustainability.

State Scoop: Beeck Center, NGA launch 'Data Labs' to help states recover from pandemic  

As states look ahead at economic and social recovery, a new program is helping officials address issues like housing and homelessness, workforce development, and small business recovery through data. Government officials will be paired with both data scientists and subject matter experts to address gaps in knowledge and increase the capacity of state governments.